The Rockerman story.


The Rockerman brand was inspired, designed and born in Texas from our best-selling outdoor handmade furniture business… We’ve been making handmade outdoor furniture since 1995. Experience and trust matters. 

The new outdoor furniture brand is rooted in quality, comfort and timeless design. Each piece comes in a box that can be easily assembled by our customers. We’ve created assembly videos to help in the process. 

Rockerman was created to fill a void in the marketplace to provide our customers with a sophisticated, yet accessible, outdoor furniture brand that will be the envy of friends, families, neighbors and customers. The collection is also ideal for commercial settings.

We’ve leveraged our experience, craftsmanship and feedback over many years from our handmade customers to create the new line. Rockerman, if you will, is the IKEA of Rockerman of Texas. 

Throughout the the process, we went to great lengths to ensure that we can personalize your pieces from Rockerman. We did this because we know that nine out of ten orders for our handmade business are branded. So, get creative and make your order from Rockerman your own. Each piece is laser engraved and made for you. You’ll love the quality, detail and personalization. Check out our website for examples and inspiration. Within reason, we can brand just about anything. If you don’t want to personalize your order, no problem. 

Our brand vision is to create beautiful outdoor settings at your home, ranch, our business. Conversations, laughs and memories around a fireplace, a beautiful afternoon or a setting setting sun are what we are about. We believe that our brand and product will create these occasions. 

It’s been a long road to bring Rockerman to life. It is my sincere hope that you will trust us with your outdoor furniture decision. There’s nothing like it in the marketplace. We’ve been making outdoor memories and creating raving fans since 1995. 

When you think of a quality, accessible and sophisticated outdoor furniture brand…think Rockerman. 

Rock on!